I’m all about the bass…and the treble!

Unless you’ve been living in a dark hole somewhere with no radio, tv, or social media to keep you company, you’ve likely heard Meghan Trainor’s booty-praising song of the summer, “All About That Bass.”

You can bet your booty I listened to that song on repeat for about 3 weeks. It’s got a fun, retro, catchy, upbeat tune, plus who doesn’t like praising their backside through song?

But then something happened–I watched the music video and was delighted to see fun pastel costumes and beautiful babes dancing to the catchy beat, and then dismayed to see a poor brunette model wrapped in Saran Wrap being made fun of.

What the what??

I thought this song was all about loving your body?!

Upon closer inspection of the lyrics, I realized this was yet another display of the war between curvy and skinny girls, a war where there’s never a winner, but instead a stalemate in which no one leaves feeling good about themselves.

Meghan Trainor, yes you’re beautiful! Model girl in Saran Wrap, you’re beautiful too!

The very notion of one body type being better than the other is something I just can’t get on board with. How to we, as women, expect to end the body wars if we keep perpetuating them ourselves?

Love yourself for who you are, just as you are. Don’t worry if you don’t have “a little more booty to hold at night.” If your goal is to have a body that pleases men, you will fail. Because just as women like all different types of men, men like all different types of women. Love yourself and I promise everyone will love you too.

Skinny girls, fat girls, and everyone in between, please–life is too short to spend hating your body. It does amazing things for you, no matter what the shape, and someday you’ll look back and think “I wish I had spent less time hating my body back then.” Don’t have that regret. Love yourself now and in the future.

Xo Lacey


White after Labor Day? Oh yes!

White After Labor Day by My Boring Closet

White After Labor Day by My Boring Closet

White After Labor Day by My Boring Closet

Jeans: Madewell skinny skinny crop zip jeans in pure white, Top: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Dolce Vita (similar)

I’ve never been one to follow any traditional fashion rules, and the whole “no white after Labor Day” thing is majorly antiquated. So, when I saw these white jeans on sale at Madewell, I knew I would get a lot of use out of them through the fall. Paired with my favorite faux leather peplum, it creates a really chic and easy look, which I love!


Red Jumper

Red Jumper via My Boring Closet



Jumper: Flynn Skye Not Just a Jumper purchased from The Trend Boutique (print no longer available. Here’s a fun arrow print!)

So, this summer was declared (by me only, as far as I know) the summer of side boob. This fun little number is actually what started it. I’ve been obsessed with Flynn Skye for a while now, and had my eye on this jumper. It has been such a fun piece to wear all summer, and I’m definitely going to try to transition it into fall.

I’m back to blogging after a very hectic year. More to come on that.